13.10.2015. 13:01
Certain goods are prohibited (banned) or restricted (subject to certain conditions) for import and / or export. These are goods of economic, social, health, environment, wild life and security concerns. While it is not possible to list all the goods, more common of these are :
26.08.2015. 17:57
Our daily life is full of cares and troubles. In the bustle of everyday life it is very difficult to stop and think about the meaning of this life, also it is very hard to imagine that along the outer, physical life that we live here on earth, there is also internal or spiritual aspect of our existence- our true life. It is said, that the real meaning of life immediately unfolds before those who are ready to surrender, and is hidden to those, who have already decided that they will recognize something as worthy meaning of live only if it doesn’t require any changes in their comfortable and habitual way of life.