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Panchakarma – health-improving tour to Kerala

Everyone wants to have good health, happiness and inner sense of well-being. One of the human’s duties is taking care of his/her body. In Ayurveda health is defined as a state of organism when it doesn’t have any toxins and waste, mind is balanced, emotions are calm and happy, and all the systems and organs are work properly. Ayurveda aims to help everyone achieve harmony, “uninterrupted happiness”, and considers a human to be a part of the Universe, who has a mystic relevance to it. All these can be achieved by an Ayurvedic cleansing method – Panchakarma.

The concept of Panchakarma is unique in a sense of not struggling neither with symptoms of a disease, nor with the disease itself. Instead of that, Panchakarma tears out “root of evil”, i.e. removes factors which lead to a disease. Panchakarma procedures separate pathogens from dense body structures, and removes them from organism in the shortest way.

Panchakarma is a powerful repairing and rejuvenating system of organism. Before conducting Panchakarma, it is necessary to completely avoid mental and physical loads. To make the treatment successful, lifestyle and nutrition should be changed. In a perfect world, a patient has to put aside all his/her professional and family troubles, completely concentrating on mental and physical rest. It is necessary to set carefree pace of life and avoid any passions. During the procedure and soon after it, a patient should refuse from sexual life to avoid any impacts on chakras. A patient shouldn’t conduct Panchakarma during menstrual cycle, therefore, women should plan the time of procedure in advance. During the procedure, we recommend avoiding television, radio and loud music, and cutting the reading to a minimum. It’s better to stay in silence. It’s helpful to refuse from physical exercises. Everyday meditation is highly recommended. The bottom line is a diet prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

1281465774_img0.jpgThe tour is taking place in a unique place of Earth – Kerala, where Ayurveda – “the science of life” – was founded and reached its highest development. Ayurveda only considers the human beauty which combines both surface, inner and spiritual beauties. Working on the aspects mentioned, everyone can achieve a balanced state of organism, which displays health that reveals the harmonic and cohesive personality which has been put originally.

The title of Kerala literally means “the land of coconuts”. In Malay language, the word Kera means “coconut tree”, but alam – “ground”. In India it is believed that, creating Earth, God produced Kerala for personal use, therefore, it is called “The land of Gods”, “The paradise on Earth”. In Kerala beauty of nature combines with the rich cultural heritage. In Kerala the ancient Vedic traditions survived in the form that encourages a human’s prosperity.

The time of the tour: from 6th to 22rd March, 2018. Please, register as soon as possible (till 15th February, 2018), as the clinic is high-demand, and all the places may appear to be engaged, or the price to be higher.

The program of the tour:IMG_8374.JPG

14-day-long Panchakarma course.

Visiting of the most ancient temples

Conversations on Vedic scriptures

Yoga exercises

Learning of mantras

The basic concepts of healthy nutrition and cooking


Individual pujas and astrological consultations for those who wish

The venue

The cost:  1800 Euros

The price includes: 14-day-long Panchakarma course, common transfers to/from the airport/hotels, accommodation, 2-course vegetarian meal, organization expenses in India, interpreting service. A Russian-speaking guide will escort the group throughout the entire route. The arrangers will escort the group throughout the entire tour. Trainings, masterclasses, yoga and qigong trainings (optional).

For those arriving in Delhi, the Delhi-Kochi-Delhi flight, sightseeing tour in Delhi.

The price does not include: round trip to Kochi (or Delhi), visa processing, insurance, personal donations, personal expenses, porter services, tips, entrance tickets, water, rituals, individual astrological forecast.

Accommodation is in double rooms of good-level hotels, and also in clinics during Panchakarma. (If you want to stay in a higher-class hotel, please inform in advance). Extra charges are discussed individually, depending on your demands. Accommodation in a single room is for an extra charge of 450 euros.

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Mantra Bhaisajyaguru (Mantra used before any healing procedure of Panchakarma)
brahma-dakṣāśvi-rudrendra-bhū-candrārkānilānalāḥ |
ṛṣayaḥ sauṣadhi-grāmā bhūta-saṃghāś ca pāntu vaḥ || 16 ||
rasāyanam ivarṣīṇām a-marāṇām ivāmṛtam |
sudhevottama-nāgānāṃ bhaiṣajyam idam astu te || 17 ||
namo bhagavate bhaiṣajya-gurave vaiḍūrya-prabha-rājāya || 17+1 ||
tathā-gatāyārhate samyak-saṃbuddhāya || 17+2 ||
tad yathā || 17+3 ||
bhaiṣajye bhaiṣajye mahā-bhaiṣajye samudgate svāhā || 17+4 ||

It is first offered to chant this magical mantra in the Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita (Su.18.16-17) in the chapter on therapeutic vomiting and defecation. Traditionally, it is recommended to chant it facing east before any cleansing procedure of Panchakarma, while preparing and before taking medicines, and before any other therapeutic treatments. This mantra is considered a medicine itself, calling upon all the higher healing powers and all beings in the universe to help the patient and instruct him on the right path.
Panchakarma is a powerful system of repair and rejuvenation of the body. Prior to the procedures it is necessary to eliminate mental and physical stress. The successful treatment requires a change of lifestyle and nutrition. Ideally, the patient must put aside all of his professional and family problems, devoting himself entirely to physical and mental rest. A relaxed pace of life and lack of passion are required. During and immediately after panchakarma the patient should renounce sex life to avoid stress on the energy centers. It is impossible to conduct panchakarma during menstruation, so women need to plan in advance the time of the procedure.

During this treatment, we recommend avoiding TV, radio and loud music. Reading should be reduced to a minimum. It is better to dwell in silence. It is advisable to abandon physical exercises. Daily meditation is very favorable. The key is the diet prescribed by a Ayurvedic physician.