Love of Soul... India

SUErreaFUFM.jpgWe invite you to an extraordinary journey through the sacred places of South India combined with practices that activate intuition and creative development.

During the tour we will start to perceive the world around us in a completely new way. We will be able to visit many sacred places of South India, enjoy
amazing nature and prepare ourselves for the New Year by visiting places of strength, a healthy diet, charged with solar energy, yoga classes and intuitive painting of beautiful places (it is welcomed if you have never been writing a picture before).

We will plunge into the color of India - we will get acquainted with its history and traditions. 

We will switch from city bustle to inner silence. 

We will be charged by the sun energy, sound of the surf and the greatness of the mountain Arunachala.

FY-Wfbg8csk.jpgWe get to experience the current moment "here and now."

We will feel joy and pleasure from participating in the creative process and from our own uniqueness.

We will set us free from accumulated negative emotions and stress.

We will be able to discover creative energy in ourselves, new opportunities and resources.

We will learn to dive into a pleasant relaxed meditative state and a new perception of life.

DATE OF THE TOUR: from 1 to 17 December 2017 (please register before October 1, 2017)

Tour program:

SAM_4216.JPGDaily excursions, puja, meditation, swimming, yoga, lectures, 2-х meals, classes of intuitive painting.

1. day. Departure from your city to Goa (Dabolim airport), if you take a flight to Delhi, then fly to Delhi on December 1st or earlier if you want to take extra days in Delhi and see the city.

2. day. Arrival in Goa (meeting at Dabolim airport), transfer to South Goa, rest on the beach, sightseeing of local attractions.

3. day. The legendary village of Gokarna. In the center there is the Koti Tirthe lake - "a reservoir of thousands of holy springs", which, by appropriation, wipes away all sins. The very space here will help you overcome the inertia of the habitual life and lead to significant internal changes.

4. day. Temples of the Gokarna. Many sacred places, temples, holy spring - create a special atmosphere in Gokarna that we will feel.

Yatra.jpg5. day. Miracle of the world Murdeswar and giant statue of Shiva. A delightful beauty complex of temples and statues. The Yogi Falls is the highest tiered waterfall in India, born on the Sharavathi River, it's height is 253 meters.

6. day. Udupi is famous throughout the world for his religious customs and traditions of teaching Dvaita Vedanta. Here lived and preached the great philosopher, the founder of the school dvaita-vedanta - Madhva. The famous temple of Krishna, founded by him in the XIII century. In Udupi, attracts many believers. It is surrounded by eight maths (monasteries).

7. day. Udupi. Mysticism and reality in the stories of this place are so intertwined that they are simply welded together. The temple complex, symbolizing "Vaikuntha" ("a place where there is no suffering").

8. day. Mysore combines the richness of history and the beauty of nature in their palaces, temples, parks and other places of interest. A park
Brindavan, a musical fountain.

Mysore-Palace.jpg9. day. Mysore Palace is the most beautiful modern palace in India.

10. day. The temple of Tiruvannamalai is one of the greatest Shivaite shrines in India. The temple represents an element of fire, one of the five primary elements. Arunachala ("Red Mountain"). "Arunachala is the light of Shiva." And indeed, here there is some special very clear radiation.

11. day. Ramana Maharshi's ashram (a famous Indian philosopher and religious figure) when he was dying, one of the disciples began to complain: "What will happen to us when you leave? "To which Ramana replied:" Where can I go? " "The presence of Ramana is still very powerful in the territory of his Ashram, especially in his samadhi hall. The Maharshi was higher than the difference between religions. The spiritual practice He teached did not depend on any religion. Not only did the Hindus come to Him, but also Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Parsis.
Hampi.jpg12. day. Bangalore is the IT capital of India and a city of contrasts with centuries-old history, rich culture and a large number of architectural attractions. Sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the Lalbagh Gardens, Shiva Temple, Svyatoslav Roerich Gallery.

13. day. The ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the abode of love. The task and mission of the ashram is to revive in people the desire for spirituality, the desire to live in love and mutual help, instead of hatred and enmity. Visit the Museum of all religions, the museum of Djeti-Chaitanya and the "tree of fulfillment of desires".

14. day. Hampi is the center of ancient civilization in India. World fame to this place brought the ruins of Vijayanagar, the former capital of the Vijayanagar Empire.

15. day. Hampi. Hanuman Temple, which offers a stunning view of the mountain Vijayanagar, rivers, lakes and endless rice fields.

16. day. Moving to Goa, rest.

17. day Departure to your city.bangalore-restaurant-rajdhani_625x350_51441266958.jpg

Give yourself a rest, an update, new impressions and knowledge on New Year's Eve!

PRICE: 15 days / 15 nights - 1250 euros - travel expenses, accommodation, 2 meals a day, organizational expenses in India, interpreter services, yoga, meditation and painting. (For children under 14, 25% discount)

The price does not include: air tickets to and from Dabolim (Goa), (for those who arrive in Delhi - Delhi-Goa Delhi ticket), visa processing, insurance, personal donations, personal expenses, porterage, entrance fees, water.

Moving around in a taxi and in trains in wagons of 3rd class AS. (If you wish, you can oder class 2 AS or 1 AS please inform in advance).
Accommodation takes place in mid-range hotels of two or three-bed rooms. (If you want to stay in hotels of a higher level, please inform in advance). The surcharge is negotiated individually depending on your query. Surcharge for single accommodation 350 euros.

Signing-up and information by e-mail:, skype: libork108

SIGN IN over the phone  +91 98 11708888 (WhatsApp)