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The Website  TourWalla.com was founded under the firm Leela Voyages in the early 90’s   since its inception the endeavor of the company has been to give best service to the customers.  the company has strong presence in Europe as well as in India. A one stop travel company which offers solutions to corporate, individuals and group travelers, with the objective of achieving service excellence through specialization in pilgrimage tours, leisure tours and other travel related services like hotel reservation, air tickets, yoga tours, ayurvedic tours to name few, we can also design tours depending on the need at the flexibility of the customers. The palaces of Rajasthan, lush green back waters of Kerala, tranquil and mesmerizing Goa beaches, Himalayan adventures, spiritual retreats and Honeymoon locales- our portfolio covers it all. The company currently specializes in organizing pilgrimage tours in India -THE Country of great sadhu and saints and mystic places.

The purpose of the pilgrimage is to visit temples, tirthas {holy places}  and to get new spiritual experience by getting  blessing by purifying your thoughts, mind and soul  and create  harmony  and love and brotherhood between own countrymen and people from other countries. Our task is to bring and show the features and indescribable beauty of nature and temples and diversity of the country and meet many interesting people and also show you the warmth and hospitality of Indians.

God bless you all, have pleasant journey!

Jatin Chaudhry

Our daily life is full of cares and troubles. In the bustle of everyday life it is very difficult to stop and think about the meaning of this life, also it is very hard to imagine that along the outer, physical life that we live here on earth, there is also internal or spiritual aspect of our existence- our true life. It is said, that the real meaning of life immediately unfolds before those who are ready to surrender, and is hidden to those, who have already decided that they will recognize something as worthy meaning of live only if it doesn’t require any changes in their comfortable and habitual way of life. The fact that the perfection of our soul is our only goal in life is true even because, considering our inevitable passing, everything else is useless. While on pilgrimage, we are moving away from material things and come in touch with our real life. Therefore, the pilgrimage is not merely a journey to another place or another country, it is the way towards the Supreme, the Truth, it is a path to the knowledge itself. Search for truth is not always joyful, it is full of excitement and anxiety, and yet we need to look for it. At first glance, the place of pilgrimage may be  different from other places. It is therefore important to learn to see the mystical, sacred and higher beyond the external things. Pilgrimage allows to change one’s inner world, to purify thoughts, to learn humility, and to understand one’s purpose in this world. 


"Love and compassion are the true religion! God is love, this is the only truth that I fully admit. Love is God. Love never asks, love always gives. Love is a loser, never protest, never avenge yourselves. " (Mahatma Gandhi)

Love is a new life in the heart and if you do not love anyone, come to India, and you will feel it. If your heart is full of love - come to India and you fill  the heart who need it.

 Kamala Sundari

The company currently specializes in organizing tours in India - The Country of great sadhu  and saints and mystic places