India is a true enigma of the East

Golden temples and ashrams of South India

Pearls of South India

Ooty.jpgWe invite you on a trip to Magic South India with a purpose to visit places of power, that will fill you with strength, ability to create and better understand yourself.


South India is ideal for traveling in winter in order to recharge the energies of joy, warmth and the Sun. Almost half of the country's religious buildings are in Tamil Nadu, for which the state received the name "Land of the Temples". A special place is occupied by Mountain Arunachala and the ancient temple standing at its foot. This mountain is one of the most sacred places in India, it is the incarnation of Shiva himself, his energy of Fire. The unique temple complex of Sri Rangam on the island of the sacred river Kaveri. Sacred yoga centers and ancient knowledge with a wonderful rest on the peaks of the mountains and the beach of Mahabalipuram.IshaDhyalinga.jpg

The old Tamil proverb says: "To see Chidambaram, die in Varanasi or just look at Arunachala - gives a guarantee of liberation". We will visit two places out of these three in Tamil Nadu!

TOUR PROGRAM (some changes are possible):
Day 1 (January 4) - departure from your city.

Day 2 (January 5) - Arrival in Coimbatore, transfer to Isha Yoga Center (30
km - 1 hour), rest, sightseeing of unique sights.
Day 3 (January 6) - Isha Yoga Center is a sacred place created by Sadhuguru himself for self-education and self-knowledge, where people from all over the world gather. The place gives off a special charm - the combination of the smell of clean air with the aroma of herbs and flowers. Dhyana Lingam. Suryakund and Chandrakund.

ooty-weekend-tour2.jpgDay 4 (January 7) - transfer to Ooty (110 km - 4 hours). «Queen of the South India "- a place of pristine nature and pacification, a beautiful station located on the hills. Visit the Botanical Gardens, Doddbett Park and tea plantations.

Day 5 (January 8) - Ooty. Ashram Agastya Jnana Piddham. Receiving blessings, secrets of yoga and meditation, natural medicine,
perhaps jiva-nadi - reading past and present life on palm plates.

Day 6 (January 9) - Palani (200 km - 5 hours). Famous Temple of Murugan in the Palani. The place of practice of famous Siddhas. Temple of Murugan in Palani - one of the main temples of Muruga, the patron god of Tamil Nadu. In him there is a statue made of the secret material of Navapasana (9 poisons), made by Siddhar Bogar (about 3000 BC) using 4500 plants. The liquid obtained after the ablution of this material (prasadam) is the elixir of eternal youth. It is believed that only one
Staying in front of the murti (statue of God) in Palani is able to save many intractable diseases.

Palani2.jpgDay 7 (January 10) - Tiruchurupali (150 km - 3 hours), Sri Rangam - the largest active temple in the world. In addition to the fact that the Temple directly affects the senses, literally stunning you with its grandeur, bright colors and bizarre forms, to a thoughtful person, it clearly shows which way we must go to see God. 

Day 8 (January 11) - Tanjavur (60 km - 1 hour). Brihandisvara Mandir - one of the wonders of ancient South Indian temple architecture, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage.

Day 9 (January 12) - Vaitheeswarankovil (100 km - 2.5 hours). Visit 9 temples of Navagraha (puja in fateful temples, erasing   karmic knots).

tanjavur1.jpgDay 10 (January 13) - Chidambaram (30 km - 1 hour) - the oldest, main and only complex of Shiva-Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance of Destruction and Recreation. It is believed that those who are in the service in this Temple, erases their karma, so great is the blessing of Nataraja here, it is especially favorably considered to be in the last service.

Day 11 (January 14) - Tiruvannamalai (150 km -3 hours) - the holy city known for its ancient fire lingam of Shiva - the great red mountain Arunachala. Geologists believe that Arunachal is older than the Himalayas, but by force its energy can be compared with Kailas. According to legend, it is here that Shiva turned to the fiery column (the first Shiva-lingam), and then the beginning and
the end of this column Brahma and Vishnu was searched throughout the Three Worlds, and never found. It was so dazzling, that it was absolutely impossible to look at it. And then Shiva turned a mountain, which he called Arunachala.

Day 12 (on the 15th of January). Temple Arunelachaevar, Ashram Ramana Maharshi. The place is very ancient and sacred, and is saturated with calm meditative vibrations, earned by Rishis and Siddhas past and present.Arunachala_POA2.jpg

Day 13 (January 16). Moving to Mahabalipuram (200 km -4 hours), visiting one of the largest beaches and the world-famous ancient Temple architectural complex, consisting of the Coastal temple, a complex of cave temples, five rock temples-rathas.

Day 14 (January 17) - Chennai - the capital of Tamil Nadu, differentiating itself with rich and diverse culture. City tour.

Day 15 (January 18) - flight to your city or flight to Delhi.

You can take an extra tour on 16 January:  Amazing Thailand (4 Nights/ 5 Days). Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It's known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canalside communities and the iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya. Cost 350 euro.

mahabalipuram_beach2.jpgYoga and meditation is optional in the morning (6.00) and in the evening (20.00) when there are no relocations, breakfast is at 9 00-10.00, lunch is at 14.00-15.00.

PRICE: 1150 Euro - travel expenses, accommodation, 2 times a day vegetarian food, organizational costs in India, services translator. (for children under 14, a 25% discount). 
The price does not include: flight costs to Delhi and back, domestic flight Delhi-Coimbatore and Chennai-Delhi (you can also take a flight from your city to Coimbatore and return flight from Chennai to your city),
visa registration, insurance, personal donations, personal expenses, services porters, entrance tickets, water. Discount for children under 14 years - 25%.

Transportation by taxi and trains in cars of the 2nd class AS. Accommodation takes place in 3 * hotels in two or three bed rooms. (If you want to stay in hotels of a higher level, please inform in advance). The surcharge is negotiated individually depending on the requests. Surcharge for single accommodation 350 euros.

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