Yoga is the inner journey, or the path to us and to God

Yoga :: Different Types of Yoga

30.08.2015. 22:28

Inner and outer are intertwined very closely in yoga.Yoga is many things to many people, but in its full potential the practice of yoga can provide the means to transform suffering into happiness. There are various Yoga: Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga and RajaYoga, as well as Ashtanga yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi).

Yoga is considered the essence of a hale and healthy life. Nowadays, it is gaining popularity in the Western world. A person practicing Yoga on a regular basis is not only guaranteed a healthy way of life, but also assured of peace of mind. It is the supreme stress-buster and a therapy for curing a number of chronic illnesses. Yoga is broadly divided into eight categories. Nearly all of them engross the use of different poses, meditation and breathing Pranayams.

Bhakti Yoga:

Bhakti Yoga stresses on the love and dedication to God. A person performing this type of Yoga learns to show love, kindness to the creatures co-existing with him/her, other than devotedly worshipping the Lord. It can be experienced in a number of ways, like praising the God by singing, saying mantras, reading religious books, paying attention to prayers and by seeing religious movies.

Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga was founded in 15th century in India by Yogi Swatmarama. It is about the mixture of two boundaries - ‘ha’, which is the Sun and ‘tha’, the Moon. The Sun is considered as Positive energy and the Moon is considered as the Negative energy.

Jnana Yoga: This type of yoga aims at isolating the person performing it, from all the temporary things of the life. The person doing it gets harmony, control over mind, wisdom, confidence, ability for concentration and the stamina to withstand and face any situation.

Mantra Yoga: As its name suggests, this technique of Yoga involves use of mantras to get peace of mind and amplify the concentration power. The mantras are narrated in a thoughtful way, to attain certain goals. Mantra Yoga helps to get rid of a number of problems, including mental illness and the problems of nervousness, stress and pressure. It also enhances self-confidence.

Karma Yoga: Karma Yoga is the commitment of all the actions (karma) and their fruits to the Almighty. Karma Yoga purifies one's heart. The aim of a Karma Yogic, a person who performs Karma Yoga, is to serve the poor, the sick and the needy, without expecting money, reputation, authority, esteem and honor in return of the service.

Kundalini Yoga: This type of Yoga aims at drawing the unexploited energy (Kundalini), corkscrewed at the bottom of the spine, by using a set of methods which uses the person's mind, senses and body. Other than physical postures, the person meditates, chants mantras to wake up each of the seven chakras of the body.

Raj Yoga: Raj Yoga makes a person to lighten himself/herself from the emotional and mental clashes. It is otherwise called as “Astanga” or Eight-Limbed Yoga. It helps the person to be in peace and harmony.

Purna Yoga: Purna Yoga is also called as integral Yoga. It offers knowledge and techniques for the uniting the body, mind and psyche. It lays emphasis on the Karma of your everydaylife. . It includes meditation, Pranayama and postures based on alignments.

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