Wisdom and beauty of the incredible country

India – The Land of Mystic Revelation
Mysterious India


DATE OF THE TOUR: from 7 to 21 October 2017

Love of Soul... India

We invite you to an extraordinary journey through the sacred places of South India combined with practices that activate intuition and creative development.

DATE OF THE TOUR: from 1 to 17 December 2017

Health Tour

Panchakarma – health-improving tour to Kerala

DATE OF THE TOUR: from 6 to 22 March 2018

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India is a Genuine Mystery of the East

 Its very land is saturated with stories about the mysteries of the universe and life. Prophets and sages, rishis and avatars incarnated here exactly because this country afforded an opportunity to learn God's law. The diversity of religious traditions and cultures has taught Hindus the principle of non-violence, as well as the tolerance towards different lifestyles. Ancient wisdom, realized in life, made it possible to reveal the sacred secrets to the most deserving ones.
These secrets are told through everything: they are embodied in language and literature, sculpture and dance, rituals and traditions. They are accessible to anyone who has learned to speak the language of love and open hearts, who behind external manifestations of life are looking for its inner contents.
In India, the charm of nature, the magnificence of temple complexes, and constant contact with the manifestations of limitless possibilities of the human spirit gives the opportunity to comprehend the true nature of reality and realize oneself as a particle of infinity, called the humanity.
These are the reasons why at all times, hundreds and thousands of Truth seeking travellers have traveled to India. The main questions we are all looking answers for are: "Who am I?", "What is the meaning of life?", "What is good and evil?", "How to understand the truth?" and so on and so forth. Today these questions are relevant as ever, because only while in search of answers can we have revelations about ourselves and the mysteries of the universe, and India is a mystic revelation ...